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  • person: do u want to hang out
  • me: i have to ask my mom
  • me: *doesn't ask her*
  • me: she said no

@donghae861015: S H I N e e, w a i t. H y u n g s a r e o n t h e i r w a y!! Heh. Kintex ! Choi driver, Go! :) pic.twitter.com/aLX9fInkkq

Henry Lau for Esquire August edition

Reporter Question: Which idol has the best lips?

All: Micky Yoochun.

Donghae: We lived in the drom together… blah blah

Hyukjae: You guys kissed before

Donghae: What the…

Haru DH vlogging from Hawaii

Kyuhyun whines about how Sungmin asks them if they’ve eaten in a cold manner then he demands Sungmin to ask cutely next time. (c)